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Center Custom Cases makes quality custom mahogany pistol presentation cases.  It's what I do.  Craftsmanship has been explained as the process of being intimately involved with the making of a product that is well-made, long-lasting, attractive and/or desirable. Another identifying factor of true craftsmen is their interest in the process of creating rather than in how much money they're making. The focus is on the product, the creative process, and how much they enjoy it, not the monetary gain.

These cases are made entirely by hand, by me, in my very small workshop. I have no "mass production" equipment and no assistants. Each case is made from 1/2" selected Honduran Mahogany, and fitted with the best materials I can obtain. The corners are made with 1/2" finger joints as opposed to mitred, so not only do they have the look of solid construction, but indeed, are so well joined they will never give way. These cases will last as long as the pistols they contain.

These cases are a labour of love, and as such, take a while to create. Each case takes approximately 40 hours to complete, or between four and six elapsed weeks depending on what other things are going on in my life. I started doing these cases because I wanted a case for my own PISTOL and was unable to find a quality case, at a price I could afford. It is my belief that a case shouldn't cost more than the pistol it contains. I subscibe to the Japanese concept of "kaizen", and continue to learn and improve with each case I make, sometimes that becomes a change in design in all future cases, other times that is merely a better way to do the current design. I strive to do the very best job possible, with great attention to detail, so that you will be pleased with your case, for your satisfaction at the end of the process, is my reward.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that you liked what you found here, and that perhaps someday we may do business together.

Les Center. 2001

The cases have an approximate outside dimension of 13" by 8" by 3 1/2" with the inside dimension being 1" less on all dimensions.  Case size obviously varies according to the pistol. No two cases will be exactly alike, and the internal configuration may change from time to time as I find that some designs work better than others. Specific designs can of course be custom ordered. The cases are designed to hold the pistol, magazines, ammo and accessories. All hardware is solid brass, with a half-mortised lock as shown below.

I have traditionally made cases that are "English Fitted", in other words, the interior is compartmentalized, and the velvet lining is moulded tightly to the compartment sides. I am about to start offering cases that are "French Fitted", with the velvet loose fitting and the pistol being placed in a cut-out that fits the shape of the pistol for those folks who prefer this style of case. An example of this can be seen under the link for internal details for P38 Cases.   Production time as well as material on the interior of these cases will be less, with a resulting decrease in cost.

Heavy solid brass 95
stop hinges.

Half-Mortised Lock


Foot Detail


Ammo Block Detail

Custom cases can have a number of configurations, including, but not limited to:

Green or Burgundy Felt, or Dark Green, Dark Blue or Burgundy Velvet interior

on the English Fitted cases

Any colour or fabric material that is available to us on the French Fitted cases.

Engraved Brass Plates with your info

Laser Engraving on top of case

Each case will have two small (3/8") brass plates affixed to the inside of the lid.
One with the serial number of the case, the other as shown above.

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Case Front (Hinged Catch) Case Back
Case Front (Half-Mortise Lock) Case Corner

To view internal details of the cases click on the links below

Luger Cases

M1911 Cases

APG Cases

Broomhandle Cases (soon)


Production Schedule


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Center Custom Cases was honoured to be asked to provide the FIRST EVER case, for an American Pistolsmiths Guild Raffle Gun. This years Raffle Gun (2005) appears in the March/April issue of American Handgunner magazine. Click HERE for the contents and pictures from that article (along with a couple of extra photos courtesy of APG).

More Good News!!!  Center Custom Cases was again honoured  by being asked to produce the case for the 2006 American Pistolsmiths Guild Raffle Gun.  Keep watching this space for more info on this when available.  The 2006 Raffle Gun is in the March/April issue of American Handgunner magazine.  Click here to see the gun.  More info and pictures when available.

Due to overwhelming demand, and the surprising but depressing rate at which I'm able to turn out my cases, I've made a decision to stop allowing clients to "put their name on the list".  While it seemed a really good idea at the time, what has transpired is a constant stream of clients putting their name on the list, but tthe production has not kept pace with additions, and clients are finding themselves on the list for years before their turn comes around.  It is unconscionable to me to have clients on a list that delivery could be seven years away!!  For the time being I will work on the clients who are on the list, and when production somehow "magically" increases, or the list gets down to a manageable level (about a year or two), I'll most likely go back to adding names to the list.  I trust you understand.
I have decided to take a break from casemaking for a while, due to my inability to produce cases in timelier fashion.  If I return, it will be with a different business model, as the one I had for six years ultimately led to my having to take a break.  I will not be able to accommodate any requests for cases, at least for the forseeable future.  Thank you for your understanding.


These testimonials were offered unsolicited from clients who had purchased one or more of my cases. Each client has also offered to be a reference if requested - Les Center

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The following pricing should serve as a guideline to case cost.
Please obtain a quote on your specific requirements.

Standard Mahogany case (approx 13" x 8") velvet lining and half-mortise lock for Lugers and Revolvers


Standard Mahogany case (approx 13" x 8") velvet lining and half-mortise lock for other Autos US$500
A brass plate with custom information will depend on requirements (for estimating use)


Custom logo or emblem laser engraving available on a quote basis (for estimating use)



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